The new generation in power

The R4000 and R5000 series of advanced inverter power sources are versatile, lightweight and portable. Housed in robust casings, these units are extremely reliable in the most challenging conditions.

The NewArc latest inverter design provides a more stable and precise arc characteristic than conventional machines and ensures high quality welding

R7000 Gouging / MMA

The R7000 has been specifically designed for MMA
and Arc-Air Gouging. The unit delivers an impressive
700 amp output current at 70% duty cycle.

It is a high performance unit weighing in at just 38KG.
The R7000 is more energy and cost efficient than
conventional Arc-Air machines due to its high efficiency
and power factor.

Viper 2500S in-line HF

The Viper 2500S is a versatile and lightweight machine.
This unique compact TIG control unit independently
controls the welding current of any DC power
source without the need for auxiliary or control cables.

It operates from the open circuit voltage of any
DC power source(petrol or diesel generators,
rectifiers, inverters etc.).
It provides excellent MMA and TIG welding characteristics

MIG 400/500 Air & Water cooled

The MIG 400 and 500 now available with water cooling offer
outstanding welding characteristics on a wide range of materials and wire types, from 0.8mm mild steel
to stainless flux core.

DC TIG air & water cooled.

The RT4000/5000 integral inverter DC TIG is now
available in air cooled and water cooled versions. 
400 Amps or 500 Amps @ 60% duty cycle.
Small in size, big in power.  

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Welcome to Newarc Ltd the UK's leading manufacturer of MMA , MIG , TIG inverter welding power sources.

Since 1973, we've built an unparalleled reputation for welding technological innovations that meet customer needs around the world.

We specialise in multi-process units for MMA, MIG and TIG welding. Our comprehensive range of cost-effective equipment is designed for easy operation and maintenance, portability and reliability - even in the most extreme conditions.

All our research , development, manufacturing, technical support, sales and export services are housed in our head quarters on the river Tyne in north east England. We also have a facility in Aberdeen with a highly qualified team to support the growing demands of Oil & Gas operators and numerous other fabricators in the area.